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From landscaper to country artist

About Erlend Gunstveit

Erlend is the landscaper from rural, southern Norway who dropped by an audition for The Voice and ended up winning the whole competition, becoming the first country singer ever to win any televised contest in Norway.


After The Voice

Since The Voice, Erlend has released three albums, toured Norway multiple times and played shows in Europe, the USA and Asia. He has also played the biggest festivals in Norway - Notodden Blues Festival, Countryfestivalen Seljord and NCT Breim.


He has been working a lot in Nashville the past few years and even recorded an album there that hasn’t been released yet.



Erlend is known for his incredible voice, enormous vocal range, and his outstanding energy on stage. His concerts present a band of musicians that are the best in his genre. His influences are country stars like Merle Haggard, Randy Travis and Keith Whitley. 

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